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"This Brut's For You"—Tasting Notes
Whether you call it sparkling wine or Champagne, picking the right wine for your occasion (whether it be a special event, or just everyday) is easy when you follow Thom Elkjer's recommendations.

Why Cab is King —Cabernet Sauvignon is Number One for all the Right Reasonse
Wine has so much variety to it that there’s endless ground for discussion and debate.

A Tradition of Trend-Setting - Syrah Shows That Change Is Intrinsic to American Wine
Centuries of wine tradition are ending in a single generation.

A Better Blanc: Great Whites That Are Good for the Earth
At harvest time in California wine country, it’s not just warm during the day. Sometimes it's downright hot.


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A Season for Cooking
Right now there's a bumper crop of fresh new cookbooks from rising chefs and writers whose varied personalities, styles and use of ingredients bring together international flavors and fresh, local foods.


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